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New Taipei Woman Power: Be Fearless and Dare to Express Yourself

Hsueh, Yu-Hsien, the 25-year-old leader of the Genio Dance Group, strives to calm the souls of spectators through dance

One of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) outlined by the United Nations in 2015 is gender equality and women’s empowerment. Responding to this call, in 2019 the New Taipei City Government produced 30 short films that revolved around the theme of women’s power. These films, each featuring a protagonist and providing an international perspective, were set in the backdrop of metropolitan New Taipei City and posted under the collective title of New Taipei Woman Power. In 2020, the New Taipei City Government has continued to make efforts to enhance the brand value of New Taipei Woman Power, seeking to turn the international trend into a driving force that can help achieve this SDG and make gender friendliness a cornerstone of social inclusion. Furthermore, the government also seeks to facilitate a shift in public thinking and foster the growth of a society in which gender equality and human rights are upheld as core values.

Representatives of New Taipei Woman Power advocate gender equality as an SDG with New Taipei City Mayor

In these films, modern women based in New Taipei City, women with international experience, and women who excelled after crossing over into other industries share their life stories and experiences of living in New Taipei City to serve as inspiration for other women to realize their full potential. Moreover, these films serve as the basis for a women’s power database that the city government can draw on during the development of future policies, plans, and activities and serve as a platform for online and offline events through which the city government can communicate with its residents. Overall, New Taipei Woman Power has represented a movement in line with international trends and has successfully established New Taipei City’s image as a city of gender equality and acceptance.

New Taipei Woman Power has now entered its second year. This time, 20 young women in their twenties were featured as protagonists. In a forum held on September 20, 2020, they were joined by the lead actresses of the first year’s films and discussed three topics: a lone journey to fulfill a dream, fearless challengers, and young entrepreneurs fighting back. As a gesture of passing over responsibilities, this forum was a paragon of women’s power and the infusion of youthful energy into New Taipei City. Mayor Hou, Yu-Ih highlighted that as a diverse and cohesive city, New Taipei City values women as a critical social force, and every woman deserves to be given equal opportunities and live in an environment that allows them to make full use of their abilities and succeed.

Actress Chen, Yu believes taking action with devotion generates power through fearlessness

A lone journey to fulfill a dream gently touched on the stories of Wan, Kuan-Li, director and chief executive officer of the Chi Po-lin Foundation, and Hsueh, Yu-Hsien, the 25-year-old leader of the Genio Dance Group. One of them, with determination, takes on the task of realizing the dream of a deceased friend; the other strives to calm the souls of spectators through dance. The discussion on fearless challengers was led by Kara Remley, cofounder of the Step30 International Ministries, and Chen, Yu, a 26-year-old actress. Through their talks, they encouraged people to take action with determination and thereby generate power through their fearlessness and attract social support. The discussion on young entrepreneurs fighting back was led by Chang, Shuan-Shuan, cofounder of Womany, and Chang, His-Tzu, cofounder of City Wanderer, who shared their experiences in breaking out of traditional gender roles and creating opportunities through courage and hard work.

Chiang, Chi-Wei, head of the Department of Information, New Taipei City Government and fellow participants share their experiences of realizing their dreams through courage and resolution.

In the sharing and dialog session, Wu, Yin-Chuen, president of the CommonWealth Magazine; Chiang, Chi-Wei, head of Department of Information, New Taipei City Government; Chang, Chin-Fang, head of Pinkoi Thailand; Nathascha Chen, social media manager of the FutureWard; and Chao, Hsuan, chief operating officer of the Health League, shared their resolutions in their respective fields and visions of fearlessly overcoming mental setbacks to encourage spectators to bravely pursue their dreams.

Link to the 2020 New Taipei Woman Power films: https://is.gd/E1YMjo