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The New Taipei City Government presents the first voluntary local review report on sustainable devel

Sustainable New Taipei City: Suit the Action to the Word!

After a delegation from the New Taipei City Government completed the Livable and Thriving City Visit, in which the delegation members visited four countries in Northern Europe to investigate policies of sustainable wellbeing therein, the government fulfilled the promise it made in March to disclose its local voluntary review (VLR) report on sustainability development goals (SDGs) during the municipal administrative meeting today (July 24). The first version of the VLR report is in the Chinese language and digital format; this report has been uploaded to the New Taipei City SDGs online platform (please enter the keyword “NTPC SDGS” to search). The government is planning on inviting citizens to review the VLR report in August and September, by which to collect the public’s opinions and feedback. A VLR presentation in Chinese and English is expected to be held in the end of September to address the collected opinions and feedback.

The New Taipei City Major Hou Yu-Ih stated that during the visit to Northern Europe, Nokia Corporation and the Espoo City Government in Finland presented their sustainability visions to the New Taipei City delegation on the basis of the SDGs proposed by the United Nations. This indicates that SDGs have become the common language of the global community. Mayor Hou stressed that becoming the first special municipality in Taiwan to complete the VLR report based on the SDGs of the United Nation is only the beginning. Each department of the New Taipei City Government must have a thorough understanding of this report and incorporate it into the implementation of future policies. With the vision of creating a livable and thriving city, the New Taipei City Government will adopt SDGs as its focus to develop policies and communicate with foreign governments.

The Secretariat Director General Yao Ching-yu expressed her gratitude to the Department of Budget, Accounting, and Statistics as well as related departments of the New Taipei City Government for their effort in compiling comprehensive municipal administrative data related to SDGs within 4 months. The high efficiency of the governmental teams facilitated completing the first version of the VLR report in July. By serving as the first special municipality in Taiwan to launch a VLR, New Taipei City can serve as an exemplar and lead exchanges of related issues with other cities. In the future, VLRs can be performed to review policy implementation and planning. Accordingly, the New Taipei City can engage in point-to-point urban interactions. By promoting its sustainability visions in the global SDGs network and strategically participating in related global networks and international meetings, New Taipei City has also raised its global visibility, thereby creating sustainable collaboration opportunities with cities worldwide. The Environmental Protection Department Director Liou Her-ran added that SDGs are not only the responsibility of the government. Completing the VLR is only the first step taken by the New Taipei City Government. All citizens must work together to develop New Taipei City into a major sustainable city. The Director General of the Cultural Affairs Department Tsai Chia-fen also stated that the department has established the Sustainability Indicator Section on its website that integrates the rich cultural and historical heritage of New Taipei City. This enables its citizens and all people around the world to get to know the importance of culture in New Taipei City through SDGs.

In September 2015, the United Nations officially announced the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which includes 17 SDGs, 169 targets, and 234 indicators. The agenda also specifies related implementation measures and global partnerships as well as essential review and monitoring mechanisms. The VLR performed by New Taipei City referenced the voluntary national review proposed by the Environmental Protection Administration (Taiwan) in September 2018 to clarify the city’s progress in achieving the SDGs. The New Taipei City Government hopes that central and local governments can engage in vertical communications in the future to attain related goals. Citizens are always the priority of New Taipei City. In addition to ensuring the transparency of municipal policies, citizens may also participate in reviewing the progress of related implementations and help the government to continually adjust related goals. Accordingly, the public may also contribute to the development of the localization of SDGs. The vision of New Taipei City is to serve as a driver of such localization in Taiwan and Asia, hoping that cities worldwide can collaborate with New Taipei City to endeavor toward the 2030 Agenda.

Digital version of the New Taipei City VLR Report in Chinese: https://www.newtaipei.solutions/vlr

English New Taipei City SDGs website: www.newtaipei.solutions