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New Taipei High School Students Talking about Their Desired Sustainable Future in 2030

Updated: May 21

To Collect youth's voices for shaping New Taipei City's sustainable policies, the City Government invited seven students at New Taipei's Our Lady Of Providence Girl's High School(崇光高級中學) to share their thoughts about their vision for 2030, when they are turning 26, and their top priority goal among the 17 UN SDGs.

1. Yin, Zi-Quan(尹姿荃) hopes to dedicate herself to volunteer works in 2030. She also proposes reducing water and energy consumption, making impacts little by little through everyday life.

2. Wang. Yu-Wen(王昱文) looks forward to a more inclusive and friendly society of Taiwan in 2030, especially for minorities such as LGBTQ and migrant worker communities. She also urged the public to cherish Taiwan's natural resources.

3. Li, Yi-Ting(李翊榳) says her priority among the 17 SDGs is Goal 4 - Quality Education. She foresees an education transformation in 2030 that enables students to choose their favorite courses online and receive their education through digital devises.

4. Tang, Yi-Ni(湯依霓), who lives in a suburb in New Taipei City, hopes that the City Government improves transportation infrastructure for those living in suburban and rural area.

5. Xie, Han-Yi(謝涵亦) regards Goal 2 - Zero Hunger is the most crucial SDG as it meets human being's basic need. People needs sufficient food prior to handling more difficult issues.

6. Wu, Min-Zhen(吳旻臻) longs for a more peaceful world in 2030. In addition, she suggests that the City Government creates more international exchange opportunities for students like her.

7. Wei, Zi-Ting(魏孜庭) commits herself to achieving SDG 2 - Zero Hunger. She has observed that many people from other counties, like Venezuela, are still suffering from poor nutrition, and that motivated her to pursue the global goals.

8. As Xu,An-Qi(許安奇) Lists SDG 8, 12, 15 as her top priorities, she advocates for sustainable tourism and circular economy to enrich the municipal finance of New Taipei City, enabling more cultural activities and participation opportunities for the development of her beloved city.