• Eva Hou

Public-private partnership to achieve sponge city


#SDG6 - Clean Water and Sanitaion

Agency releasing the news: Water Resources Department, New Taipei City Government

In recent years, due to climate change, there have been many cases of heavy rains and disasters in a short period of time. In order to alleviate the load on the sewer system, the New Taipei City Government issued the “New Taipei City Water and Water Conservation Autonomous Regulations” on December 28, 2016. The standard permeable and water-retaining facilities store the water with a rainfall of 8 cm per hour on the base in the base. Till 2019 March,the city has accumulated 5,960 approved cases, and the rainwater storage and permeable and water-retaining facilities are available. 

New Taipei City Government has re-integrated the infiltration facilities and water storage regulations that were scattered throughout the urban planning and construction technology rules. New Taipei City Government Department of Water Resources conducted a random inspection of the maintenance and management of the trans-conservation facilities in every case in 2018, and prioritized a random inspection of 50 public institutions as demonstration; this year. The building is included and the goal of the New Taipei Sponge City is jointly created through public-private partnership.