• Eva Hou

New Taipei Fit for Age


#SDG3 - Good Health and Well-being

Agency releasing the news: Department of Health, New Taipei City Government

Category: Agency news

To promote the movement of the regular physical activity for citizens, prevention and reversal of the debilitation occurred, in 2016, New Taipei City launched the first initiative Fit for Age. With cross-sectors and integrated resources from 20 bureaus, the initiative emphasized the importance of the testing and recording. According to the 3-year data analysis, 78% of people have improved till pre-weakness or normal phases, showing exercise can effectively improve debilitation. Up to now, the App, Information Platform has accumulated more than 390,000 members for independent health management.

In 2019, the platform has introduced new health currency exchange, to encourage citizens to exchange health record for healthy living services. The initiative has launched with more than 330,000 health coins exchanged and 10,000 healthy living copies exchanged. In addition, with collaboration of industrial and academia, it forms industrial alliance and data integration, with smart bracelets and medical equipment, saving health data and monitoring physical status at any time, and provides people instant records of personal diet and exercise.

In terms of international standards, the platform has signed a memorandum of international cooperation with the Exercise International Medicine (EIM) Global Association, to train EIM physicians and professionals and to handle and to participate in domestic and international debilitation prevention seminars. It can also publicly publish the effectiveness of the New Taipei Debilitation Prevention Management and be awarded by Asian Debilitation and Muscle Disease Public Policy Contribution Award, Cloud IoT Innovative Award, and 2018 IDC Asia Pacific Smart City Award.