• Eva Hou

New Taipei City Gender Equality Policy


#SDG5 - Gender Equality

Agency releasing the news: Social Welfare Department of New Taipei City Government

Category: Agency news

The degree of gender equality shows the degree of progress of society,cities and countries. The New Taipei City Government has set 2016 as the New Taipei gender equality year,and all the bureaus of the whole government have been working together. Throughout the whole year,we have continued to promote the program of sexual highlights in a relaying manner,integrating the original work or activities into gender perspectives,such as holding women’s entrepreneurship. Thematic lectures encourage women to learn about entrepreneurship;strengthen the concept of equality between men and women,and declare that married daughters also have the right to inherit property;encourage people to examine the funeral ceremonies with gender equality and actively promote equal opportunities for men and women to participate in traditional rituals;Publish a special edition of the lady in the vegetable market to promote the story of women's entrepreneurship or successful operation in the market;to promote women's groups to turn the underprivileged women away from violence and economic self-reliance,and to deepen gender mainstreaming to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women. The activity initiative makes gender equality a habit in life and goes deep into every corner of New Taipei City to create a healthy and quality living environment.