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New Taipei City Enters Sister City Relationship with Jaluit Atoll


#SDG11- Sustainable Cities and Communities

#SDG13 - Climate Action

#SDG17 - Partnership



New Taipei City Government signed a memorandum of understanding with Jaluit Atoll, Republic of the Marshall Islands, officially establishing a sister city relationship. Mayor Hou Yu-ih stated that New Taipei City has adopted many policies under the framework of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals and looks forward to cooperating with Jaluit Atoll to address sustainable development and climate change and establish a longstanding friendship and exchange partnership.

Mayor Hou congratulated the Republic of the Marshall Islands for being selected for the United Nation Human Rights Council, proving that although the Marshall Islands may not be big, its contributions to human rights and democracy are visible to the whole world. Taiwan also values human rights and environmentalism despite not being a member of the United Nations, and New Taipei City looks forward to fighting alongside the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

With respect to extreme climate events, Mayor Hou opined that the Marshall Island and Taiwan face similar challenges such as heavy rains, typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, and rising sea levels as a result of climate change. In the face of these challenges, New Taipei City and the Marshall Islands will work closely together because these are critical challenges that affect the global population and are currently the most pressing topic for governments all over the world. Mayor Hou hopes that both sides can combine their efforts to work for the people’s well-being.

Mayor Hou explained that New Taipei City is Taiwan’s largest city. People from all over the island move here, making the more than 4 million residents a microcosm of Taiwan. New Taipei City is managed according to international metropolitan standards and has promulgated many policies under the Sustainable Development Goals framework to align with international standards. Mayor Hou expressed delight at meeting with the Republic of the Marshall Islands and stated the following: The country is neither big nor small, and the city is neither big nor small; if everyone shares the same ideals, we can work together and incorporate sustainable development and anticlimate change efforts into cooperative efforts by both parties going forward as we jointly seek solutions.

President Heine of the Marshall Islands remarked that the purpose of this visit to Taiwan was to strengthen bilateral relations with Taiwan and sign economic agreements. The Marshall Islands requires a stronger economic foundation to raise its economic productivity and create job opportunities. As Taiwan and the Marshall Islands are both small island nations with friendly denizens, both nations should work closely together. President Heine also expressed hope to share the story of the Marshall Islands and to be given an opportunity to speak up for Taiwan.

The Marshall Islands and Taiwan have enjoyed 20 years of friendship since first establishing diplomatic relations in November 1998. In recent years, Taiwan’s local governments have had closer exchanges with Marshall Islanders, with Taipei City, Taoyuan City, Taichung City, and other Taiwan cities establishing sister city relationships with various Marshall Island cities. New Taipei City is the sixth city to become a sister city with a Marshall Island city and the first city in Taiwan to include sustainable development and climate change in the sister city memorandum.