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New Taipei and East Asian Cities Issue Joint Statement Pledging to Face Climate Change Together


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Global climate change has placed every country into a race against time to forestall the worst effects, and cities play a crucial role in reducing carbon emissions. Cooperation between cities is necessary to effectively combat global warming. New Taipei City Government’s Deputy Mayor Hsieh Cheng-da accepted an invitation from South Chungcheong Province’s magistrate Yang Seung-jo to attend today’s 2019 Coal Phase-Out and Climate Action: Local to Global (10/22) on behalf of New Taipei City and signed a joint statement committing the city to join other East Asian cities to combat climate change. Former United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon was present to witness the proceedings, and Deputy Mayor Hsieh declared the importance of preventing climate change and promoting clean energy to New Taipei City and Taiwanese cities in general. New Taipei City’s efforts and experiences in confronting climate change and reducing carbon emissions were also shared during the forum, to unanimous praise from the representatives.

According to the Department of Environmental Protection, the statement signed during the forum refers to common problems brought on by climate change that threaten human ecosystems, including severe drought, heavy rains, and rising sea levels that will continue to worsen. Ameliorating the effects of climate change on the next generation entails proactively seeking alternative sources of energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions to ameliorate the effects of climate change. On behalf of New Taipei City, Deputy Mayor Hsieh stated the following: As a member of [the community of] global cities, we should fight side by side with the cities of the world and share the responsibility of acting against climate change. New Taipei City is committed to transforming our means of energy production as part of our vision to become a coal-free city, and in accordance with the Paris Agreement, reduce our greenhouse gas emission[s] to [sic] another 50% lower than our 2005 levels by 2050. The aforesaid statement demonstrates New Taipei City’s dedication to facing climate change.

The Department of Environmental Protection has stressed that New Taipei City, despite not having the highest rate of coal-use or pollution, will hold itself to the strictest standards to combat air pollution and preserve the environment. These efforts will include reducing industrial coal use; forming the only environmental auditing and major crimes unit that combines environmental protection, auditing, and law enforcement; and also attending international exchanges. These measures are all part of New Taipei City’s efforts to become a low-carbon, sustainable city that is clean and livable.