• Eva Hou

Mid-to-low-income households to receive a subsidy to upgrade to electric scooters


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Agency releasing the news: Department of Environmental Protection

Category: Agency news

New Taipei City has begun to subsidize the replacement of old two-stroke scooters with electric scooters. The city will continue the NT$12,000 subsidy,but this year, will grant an additional NT$10,000 subsidy to mid-to-low-income households. Combined with the NT$5,000 subsidy from the Environmental Protection Administration and the NT$10,000 subsidy from the Industrial Development Bureau, mid-to-low-income households can receive a maximum of $NT37,000 in subsidies, rendering an electric scooter, with an average price of NT$80,000 to NT$90,000, cheaper than a regular scooter. 

In New Taipei City, the number of registered scooters has exceeded 2,100,000, and the government has been strongly encouraging people to replace gas-powered scooters with electric ones in recent years. Because electric scooters have improved in terms of range and performance, subsidy applications have increased considerably in the past two years. Data from the Environmental Protection Administration indicate that most people buying electric motorcycles are 30 to 39 years old, accounting for 34%, followed by 27% of people aged 20 to 29 years. The majority (90%) of people buy Gogoro scooters.

The Environmental Protection Administration suggests that the cost of switching to electric scooters has dropped in recent years. This year, the subsidy for buying a new electric scooter is NT$4,000, and the amount will reach NT$12,000 if the switch is from an old two-stroke scooter. Combined with the subsidization from the Environmental Protection Administration and Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the general public can receive NT$27,000 in subsidies. Specifically for individuals from mid-to-low-income households, New Taipei City adds an additional NT$10,000 subsidy, so the maximum total subsidy for mid-to-low-income households is NT$37,000 for buying an electric scooter.