• New Taipei

Inviting Investment and Providing Rapid Services in New Taipei City


#SDG7 - Affordable and Clean Energy

#SDG8 - Decent work and Economic Growth

#SDG9 - Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

Implementation Period: Jan 2019 - Present

Budget: none of government budget Partners: Departments of the City Government - Inviting Investment Elites Group

Project Website(Mandarin): https://tedl.ntpc.edu.tw/113/

Reference(Mandarin): https://news.cnyes.com/news/id/4304267

What was the problem it was trying to solve? To encourage investment in New Taipei City, the New Taipei City Government attempts to proactively resolve investment obstacles that potential investors may encounter.

How does the program work? Who was involved?

The New Taipei City Government provides customized services to help companies resolve the issues that they have encountered. The services are divided into two major categories, which are “investment obstacle elimination by a single service window” and “factory buildings and land.”

Who will benefit from this program?

The aforementioned endeavors will benefit New Taipei City residents, where investment invitation will create new job opportunities. The increase in the employment population will subsequently generate basic demand such as that for food and beverages, transportation, and housing, gradually creating community-based and office-style commercial districts that improve living functions and the infrastructure of the city. Eventually, the city will begin to prosper.

How does this program reinforce economic growth, social progress and environmental protection in New Taipei City?

Invitations to investment in public land have shown outstanding results. The New Taipei City develops its traffic network to facilitate land development, industry transformation, and attract investments. The goals are to promote economic development and increase employment rate.

Since becoming a special municipality in 2010, the New Taipei City has increased the number of entrepreneurs from 251,128 to 275,454 (as of Dec. 2018); increased the sales generated by profit-seeking companies from NT$4.1719 trillion to NT$4.7169 trillion (as of Dec. 2017); decreased the unemployment rate from 4.40% to 3.70%; and produced 14 successful cases of inviting investment in public land, the last of which generated NT$37.41 billion in new investments and created 15,644 job opportunities.

In addition, technological giants dedicated to preventing pollution and reducing industrial waste such as TBI Motion and Martas decided to station in New Taipei City, validating New Taipei City Government’s efforts to attain a balance between the environment and economic development.

By inviting investment in New Taipei City, it enables the city to be exposed to advanced technology and New Taipei City citizens to work in companies with favorable technology, systems, and ideology, allowing them to remain competitive.