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A Smart City MOU Between New Taipei City and the Austrian Technology Corporation (ATC)


#SDG9 - Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

#SDG17 - Partnership for the Goals

Implementation Period: 2018 - Present

Budget: none of government budget Partners: ATC, New Taipei Smart City Consortium

Media Report: MOU Signing Ceremony

On August 1, 2018, the New Taipei City Government signed a smart city memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Austrian Technology Corporation (ATC). Eric Liluan Chu, the former mayor of New Taipei City, indicated that this MOU allows both parties to share experiences and resources regarding smart city technology, thereby enhancing their level of cooperation and facilitating industrial upgrading. New Taipei City is also extremely willing to share its experience of urban development with the international community.

Building smart cities is a shared goal among major countries worldwide. It aims at providing residents with a higher quality of life. Technology has become an inseparable component of daily life. Since New Taipei City transformed into a smart city a few years ago, it has improved industrial effectiveness and services for citizens. The city government filled the digital gaps created by geographical constraints and the urban–rural divide, and adopted innovative technologies to design and adjust all types of services to successfully enhance the convenience of New Taipei City as a smart city. Thus, citizens are no longer forced to travel far to reach downtown areas or central authorities merely to obtain official documents. Instead, such documents can now be obtained at district offices nearby, which is highly convenient for citizens.

Chu stated that with a population of nearly 4 million, New Taipei City is a large city as well as the headquarter of approximately 270,000 enterprises, among which are leading high-tech companies such as Acer, Foxconn, and HTC. By signing the MOU, New Taipei City and ATC can engage in more frequent exchanges. Through establishing a partnership with Austria in terms of smart city development, New Taipei City looks forward to learning more about advanced smart city technologies from Austria, and hopes to share its own experience of smart city building with Austria.

Chu, who was mayor at the time, signed the MOU with the CEO of ATC, Mr. Christian Tino Terraneo. Since then, the two parties have established a platform for the comprehensive exchange of policies, technologies, people, and information. Together with several Austrian delegates, Hsin-Hsin Chen, the Deputy Director-General of the Department of European Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was invited to attend the signing ceremony.

Mr. Terraneo noted that the MOU enables the two parties to exchange relevant technologies and opinions and strengthens their cooperation. He expressed hopes to discover more cooperation opportunities with New Taipei City and considered the results of such cooperation to be positive.

All members of the Austrian delegation were officials from departments responsible for promoting smart city projects in Austria, such as the Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology, Austrian Institute of Technology, and ATC. Additionally, the heads of two main Austrian government agencies in Taiwan, namely Albin Mauritz (Director of the Austrian Office in Taipei) and Christian Fuchssteiner (Director of ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA in Taipei) also attended the signing ceremony to show support for this MOU.

The Austrian delegation visited New Taipei City from August 1–3, 2018. In addition to attending the panel discussions today and the MOU signing ceremony, the delegation were invited to visit the public libraries, police department, construction site of the Danhai light rail, and Bali Refuse Incineration Plant to learn about the smart services available in New Taipei City. Furthermore, the delegation was scheduled to participate in discussions with businesses associated with the New Taipei smart city projects to create possibilities for mutual industrial cooperation.