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Merry Christmas & Happy New Taipei — 2017 Year-End Reception

An event to meet numerous honorable guests, a gala to explore the beauty of New Taipei, and a night that could possibly come up with international cooperation among cities and nations ——— the success of 2017 year-end reception has definitely satisfied all the participants and brought New Taipei to their attention.

With the arrival of Christmas, New Taipei not only prepared the spectacular and gleeful Christmasland to its citizens, but also an magnificent and elegant reception for ambassadors, diplomats and leading figures from different industries to enjoy the festive atmosphere. New Taipei City and Singapore Trade Office in Taipei have co-hosted the third annual year-end reception on December 5, inviting over 200 guests from 40 different nations to discover some of the best features of New Taipei.

The theme for the 2017 year-end reception is “Past, Present and Future.” In the opening of the party, students from Nan Chiang Industrial and Commercial Senior High School have presented locking movements to demonstrate the most popular style of dance in 2010s and liven up the ambience. Shortly after the energetic hip-hop, the young puppet masters from Wensheng Elementary School have performed fairy tales through the shadow puppet theater, an iconic Taiwanese legacy and tradition which has passed down for decades.

Advocating New Taipei’s innovative polices and solutions, the “New Taipei Light Rail Snack Train” represents the future of this promising city. The New Taipei Young Maker Team have invented this masterpiece by merging the light rail model with the conveyor belt. On top of the trains are some of the most delicious and well-known New Taipei and Singapore snacks, including sweet potato cake and nyonya kueh, made by the students from the Culinary and Management Department, Tung Hai Senior High School.

Another creative and sustainable policy showcased in the reception is the award-winning “Surplus Food Network.” New Taipei City prepared the Crispy Radish Pastry cuisine by using ugly looking carrots and radishes donated by the public markets. The Acting Representative at the Australian Office in Taipei Ms. Patricia Smith even tweeted, “Thank you @NewTaipeiCity Mayor Eric Chu for hosting us. Great to know your wonderful Surplus Food Network initiative to share the warmth to disadvantaged children & people in need during this festive season.”

In addition, the city government has also prepared various interactive activities for the guests. New Taipei has invited the 76-year-old bamboo weaver Mr. Jin-Tsai Lai to instruct the participants the simple but delicate bamboo fan and display his artworks, such as bamboo cradles and hencoop, which have amazed all the attendant.

Furthermore, students from Fu-Hsin Trade & Arts School have fully exerted their artistic ability in the gala. With different artistic styles and techniques, all eight students have portrayed many guests attending the reception, finishing an art piece within 15 minutes. “I am very impressed by the young students, especially their energy and creativity of the artworks they have here tonight,” said Ms. Moira Turley, the Director of New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office in Taipei. “I understand that New Taipei City has a lot of commercial strength.”

Participants also have the opportunity to walk out the reception and appreciate the nearby projection mapping performances in the Christmasland collaborated between New Taipei City Government and Singapore’s Hexogon Solution. “It is a great pleasure to deliver our spectacular visuals and project on the 30-story New Taipei City Hall building, which leaves all the citizens and guests a wonderful and unforgettable memories in Christmas,” said Mr. Simon Wong Wie Kuen, the representative of Singapore Trade Office in Taipei.

The New Taipei Christmas reception has brought a new message to the world. “New Taipei City has actively taken part in city transformation, as we have focused on the UN Sustainable Development Goals which has been promoted by all nations,” said Dr. Eric Chu, the mayor of New Taipei. “We have been dealing with issues such as climate change, aging society and healthy city. Acquiring a lot of experience, we expect to share and exchange thoughts with every nation through this year-end reception in the hope of exploring the possibility of international cooperation.”