• New Taipei

A Fun Place Where Smiles Spread - Children Festival in New Taipei City

The summer time of August in New Taipei City Hall is full of laughter and smiles. Young children and the parent line up long early in the morning, waiting for the AR experience. Or you can see young kids cannot move their eyes from the stage watching the fantastic dramas play from the performing groups. A series of entertainment activities holding by the Cultural Affairs Department are ready for the residents with young kids to explore and experience from August 4 to August 13, 2017.

The so-called Children Festival features British AR experience of animals, stage performances, DIY art workshops, the exhibition of art reproduction from New York Metropolitan Museum of Centennial Gypsum Fountain, 15 best animations play, family activities at the six city museums and the animal costume parade. Each year, New Taipei City Government celebrates children festival at the city hall and the square. The festival now becomes more and more international. For example, art displays, animations, stage performances from countries such as the United States, England, Japan, Australia and Germany can be seen during the festival time.

If you like Installation Art, you may come and take a look at the joint display of Filthy Luker, a well-known street artist, from the UK and the six local artists from Taiwan. The display showcase 10 sets of the creation of the installation art. Also, there are more than 30 stage performances including the group of The Curious Game from Australia, the local well-known group—Paper Wind Mill, and the others to treat your eyes. Children can also experience art through various kinds of DIY workshops such as the reproduction of the ancient books, mask painting of the lion dance, self-made pottery, and many others. For further information, please visit our website at http://www.jackie-imc.com/2017newtaipeicitycaf/. Do not miss the interesting Children Festival in New Taipei City.