• New Taipei

Hello, Monsters!

Let the children come to New Taipei City Plaza, where live the monster of bulb, the music monster, the clay monster, book monster and cement monster, etc. All the monsters welcome and invite you to celebrate the Children's Arts Festival.
You won’t get bored here. The plaza is divided to 6 featured areas which are equipped with augmented reality as well as virtual reality game. One of most popular activities is that through projection screen, you may see yourself stand by Jurassic dinosaurs. How thrilling it is!
Just a few minute walk from dinosaur area, there is the wall made by toy blocks. You can witness the little constructors (children) are having fun coloring the wall with their creativity. In addition, rope playing or clay sculpting are also the other option for your kid. If your kids get tired after playing game, you may just sit in front of the stage to enjoy the children music show.

The Children's Arts Festival is celebrating from August 3 to August 13 and the virtual reality game area will be open until August 27. If you are interested in the related activities, please feel free to visit our website at http://www.jackie-imc.com/2017newtaipeicitycaf/#c1