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Be Part of A Change: Yulon Group Transforms Two Parks in Xidian As The Largest Ecological Park

Yulon Group launched a so-called “Landscape Upgrade Project” to transform two public parks they adopted into the largest ecological park in Xindian district in New Taipei City. The goal is to activate the two public parks and emerge them into a greener and sustainable eco-diversity park. With a thorough and complete plan, a comprehensive and diverse ecological park will be rebuilt.

Years ago, New Taipei City Government invited Yulon Group to adopt two public parks in Xindian district for the commitment of social responsibility. Years passed. With the growing population in Xindian, and the need for more green spaces trigger the “Landscape Upgrade Project.” The project focuses not only on the activation of public space but on developing a sustainable environment. The ecological park will be implemented by specific practices as follows:

A.3,500 square feet of green areas will be offered, and about 800 evergreen trees will be planted.

B.An ecological lake will be built which can served as a natural habitat for both plants and animals. Birds can come for the winter and more butterflies or tree frogs alike can be restored in the habitat.

C.An inclusive playground will be created as a multi-recreation function for all ages and different abilities of people to come and have fun.

This is a successful case for the public and private cooperation. Not only the residents in Xindian benefit from the project but Yulon Group does. To invite more residents to participate in the project, an activity for naming the park is launched. The one who wins the most votes online for naming the park can get NT$30,000. The deadline for the activity will be on August 20. For further information, please visit the website at http://www.ecopark.com.tw/.