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The First Outreach Service, “Service-Papa-Go” for New Residents

This year, New Taipei City Government first provides the outreach service or the so-called “Service-Papa-Go” for the new residents around the City.On April 12, five new residents who worked for New Taipei City Government recalled together on the press conference and shared their experiences of the multinational service in the front desk at the city hall on the first floor. The multi-service offers six languages including English, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Myanmar, and Filipino to give advisory services. It also covers the services to help the residents to adjust their new lives in New Taipei City such as law consulting, job related regulations, marriage consulting and many other services.

This year, the expansion of the service upgraded into the 29 administrative districts, the “Service-Papa-Go,” has been launched in April. The most important part of the service is that the public servants take the initiative to offer the service. First, the outreach service went to the Xinzhuang District, offering service at the Xinzhuang Household Registration. Then, the service will move on to the Shimen district and later to the Linkou district. The service is based on a tour basis, circulating the 29 administrative districts all year round.

The Division Chief of New Citizens’ Culture and Education, Ms. Wu Yizhen said that the service in Xinzhuang District centered on information spreading toward pregnancy including pre-pregnancy check subsidy. In order to achieve the goal of building up a happy family project for the new residents, more care for helping them getting into the lives in New Taipei is a must. Zhongxiao Rotary Club also offered free thyroid hormone check, lupus erythematosus examination and other two pre-pregnancy screening tests for the new residents who are newly married but not yet get pregnant.

During the “Service-Papa-Go” event in Xinzhuang, Mr. Ke, who married a wife from Vietnam, accompanied his wife, Ms. Chen Shizen, to the activity. He said that his wife was not familiar with the Chinese language and the environment because she had just arrived in Taiwan. She did not dare to go out. When he was informed of the event of the "Service-Papa_Go," he encouraged his wife to come and got more information about the relevant rights and benefits of the new residents. In so doing, his wife may get used to the life in Taiwan more quickly. Another Vietnamese new residents who studies in Zhuang Night School, Ms. Huang, said, “It is significant for me to join the “Service-Papa-Go.” The project helps me a lot.”

Ms. Wu Yizhen said that the new residents have become an important asset for New Taipei City Government. She encouraged the new residents can use the service more, which offers wonderful professional lectures and many other services. Meanwhile, once the participants come to the lecture or other related events, they can attend the luck-draw activity. The prizes include necklaces and free tickets back to their homeland. It is important that New Taipei City Government care for the new residents.