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NTPC, Australian Office Taipei Made Joint Effort to Promote Water Lifesaving Skills

As part of a global effort to prevent accidents in aquatic environment, New Taipei City Government joined hands with the Australian Office Taipei to organize a half-day workshop featuring lifesaving education on October 27th, 2016. This experience exchange event included a group of 5 firemen and the Australian expert, Scott Harrison, who worked at the “Surf Life Saving” organization in Queensland. It also included the hands-on training session for students from XinTai Elementary School, giving them a chance to serve as one-day lifeguard.

The workshop took place in the swimming pool of XinZhuang Civic Sports Center. Harrison showcased lifesaving measures in light of various scenarios. He introduced young participants the importance of conduct pre-swim warm-up exercise and the risk of playing around in the deep water zone. The demonstration also included the self-saving techniques and how to select objects readily available for saving drowning people. Students took turns playing the role of volunteering lifesaver and swimmer, getting a hands-on experience of completing a rescue mission with a surfboard or other facilities.

Harrison pointed out visitors who do not speak local languages are more vulnerable to accidents happening on the beach. Statistics showed that one third of victims of drowning in Australia ca

me from other nations. This motivated him to develop and promote educational program for swimmers who do not speak English. He also indicated that a large number of immigrants from Taiwan resident in the service zone of “Surf Life Saving” organization. That is why he felt the special bond to Taiwan and decided to take initiative to introduce the lifesaving practices to Taiwanese friends.

The Secretariat official pointed out that this activity is an enhanced interaction between the city government and the Australian Office Taipei. Both agencies co-hosted the Christmas gala in New Taipei in 2015.