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Diplomats in Taiwan Experience Indigo Dyeing at Sanxia

Hoping to promote the tourism in New Taipei City, the city government organized a one-day tour in the Sanxia District for the staff of diplomatic missions in Taiwan and their family members on July 23th, 2016.

The is the city’s first outreach program for diplomatic communities in Taiwan, in the hope of giving them a chance to explore different tourist attractions in New Taipei City.

A total of 33 individuals from 6 nations – including Australia, Canada, United States, Germany, France and England – took part in the tour and immersed themselves in the exotic atmosphere of Sanxia. The visiting group explored the exquisite sculpting art of the interior of Qingshui Zushi Temple, tasted the rich flavor of croissant offered by local shops and enjoyed a hands-on experience at indigo dyeing session.

Australian Office Taipei Representative Catherine Raper indicated that this is the first time she experienced the indigo dyeing process after she took office in Taiwan 2 years ago. She pointed out each hand-made dyeing work is unique and interesting, and she believes that it is the best souvenir for tourists. Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada Representative Ste-Marie lauded the refined carved beams and pillars inside the ancient temple, especially the front pillar that embedded 100 avian sculptures. He also expressed his recognition to the sculpting master Li Mei-shui for his contribution to the local culture conservation.

According to the Secretariat of New Taipei City, diplomats in Taiwan were often busy with work in their offices which are mostly located in Taipei City. Despite the proximity of two cities, officials involving international affairs don’t have enough time to go out of Taipei and explore New Taipei leisurely. Therefore, the weekend outing expected to offer diplomats and their family members an opportunity to relax and know more about the tourist spots in New Taipei. The outing would also offer them more materials to introduce the charm of New Taipei to their fellow citizens.