• New Taipei

A Music Feast at Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology

The Archaeological Festival and Ancient Music Festival were held at the Sunrise Square in Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology on April 22.

Mayor Eric Liluan Chu was there to experience the wisdom of the various different tribal aboriginal cultures from the different countries. He also played the ancient musical instrument and listened to the beautiful melody. He encouraged New Taipei citizens to participate in this joyful festival.

Mayor Chu remarked, “We welcome friends in locals and foreign friends from Mexico, Japan, the United States, Korea and Indonesia to join the sixth Archaeological Festival event. We can understand more culture, history, and stories about this land. Also, Taiwan can take the opportunity to exchange ideas with friends from the archaeological field in the world.”

Mayor Chu also mentioned that this year's "Archaeological Festival" features the combination of archeology and music. He said that human history has a close bond to music. Even in the primitive society, music plays not only an important role but as a cohesion of their daily lives. The Time Tunnel in the event helps the participating citizens understand the connection between the ancient people and the music. Moreover, the citizens can witness how the ancient musical instruments are produced with the raw materials and how the instrument can be played as well. In particular, to appreciate the wisdom of the ancient people is profound.

The Culture Department said that the themes of the event this year are categorized into three aspects: Ancient, Music, and Experience. There are 106 booths invited in the biggest outdoor display, both from the locals and the international level related to the archaeological fields and the performance groups. The display of the musical instruments consists of Japanese antique bamboo flute and gongs, Mongolian instruments, Indonesian traditional musical instruments in Bali, and the aboriginal musical instruments from different countries. The citizens can experience the traditional handicrafts and the performance from different aboriginal tribes.

Furthermore, New Taipei City government invites the hottest singers in 1980s and 1990s, including Xinyun duet, Shi Xiaorong, Yifan and Xiao Huangqi to perform the classic songs in the Timeless Concert. Many participating citizens enjoy the music of the night.