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Public-private Partnership Childcare Network Activated! Mayor Chu: More Choices, More Subsidies, Bet

New Taipei City started the public-private partnership childcare network, a system that connects public and private childcare centers and domestic caretakers to provide better service, increase the childcare subsidies, ease parents’ burden, and benefit more residents.

Mayor Chu said that New Taipei City has been dedicated to promoting public childcare centers over the past 5 years. Until April 20, 2017, there would be 48 childcare centers established in total since 2011, accounting for half of the public childcare centers in Taiwan. To take care of more children, the public-private partnership childcare network hence came forth.

Mayor Chu was especially grateful to New Taipei City Private Childcare Association and domestic childcare service centers for their support to the partnership. The City Government will supervise the network to ensure best childcare quality. Plus, the Government also provides more subsidies to relieve residents’ burden. In addition to the current 3,000TWD grant, there will be extra 3,000TWD to the families that choose childcare centers from the network, and 2,000TWD to the ones that pick domestic caretakers from the partnership.

The Department of Social Welfare revealed that on top of the current 47 public childcare centers which serve 2,805 children, there have been 80 private childcare centers and 876 domestic caretakers joined the network that could accommodate 6,836 children overall. With the nearly tripled amount of service, families now have more friendly choices to take care of their children.