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2017 Songkran Festival in New Taipei City

There are more and more new residents viewing New Taipei City as their second home. Many years ago, some new residents from Thailand and Myanmar gathered, lived and worked in Huasin Street, lied in Zhonghe, which is also known as “Myanmar Street.” The street is famous for the exotic Southeast Asian foods and shops. For earlier Burmese immigrants, Huasin was so significant that they stayed and started business there for years. For bringing various new residents together, a festival held for 19 years bridged and linked new residents a feeling of belonging and harmony.This is the so-called Songkran festival, a ceremony of sweeping the old away and brave the new future.

This year, on April 14th, Mayor Eric Liluan Chu attended the ritual of bathing, a Buddha ceremony, to bless and wish a whole year good luck for New Taipei City and for the new residents. After the ceremony, the young and the old immediately turned themselves into the water warriors; they filled the water guns and the buckets with water to splash on each other as a way to celebrate New Year in Southeast Asia. In the sense of tradition, dousing people with water means to wash away bad luck and then bring good health, prosperity and sufficient rain to the coming year. This spring, due to the water shortage, New Taipei City Government used the sprinklers instead of the water sprayers which helped save water. Also, the water from the sprinklers was full of fragrant.

If you are not the type of person who enjoys water playing, New Taipei City government also provided traditional costumes for visitors to wear. Moreover, you could search your own Burmese zodiac animal sign there. In Southeast Asia countries, there are only 8 animal signs based on the weekday of your birth. However, there are 12 Animal Signs in Chinese Zodiac. In the festival, it was a good chance to experience the diverse culture.

The 2017 Songkran Festival was never an end. There are more Southeastern festivals coming up soon in New Taipei City. If you are interested in the related activities, please feel free to visit our website at http://www.ntpc-po.com/ and you will find out more attractive and interesting activities in New Taipei City.