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New Taipei Entitled New Membership to “The Crisis Management Network”

The Network for Crisis Management is an international organization that aims to link cities for crisis management resources, offer real-time information exchange and rescue support while crisis or disaster comes. Its member cities include Bangkok, Delhi, Hanoi, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Seoul, Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo, Ulaanbaatar and Yangon and other 12 Asian cities. In August 2016, New Taipei City filed an application to the Network and the deputy commissioner of Fire Department, Mr. Chong-Yue Chen, made a presentation in the 2016 Crisis Management Conference in Singapore, reporting what efforts New Taipei City government has made on disaster prevention and the participation and engagement in the international disaster communities. The fight for being a member city of the Network finally got rewarded and New Taipei City became the participating city on March 15, 2017. To promote inter-city exchange on disaster prevention, Deputy Mayor, Mr. Yu-Ih Hou, met the representatives of the city of Seoul, Mr. Kwon Sun-Kyung, the Ministry of Fire and the Fire Disaster Prevention and Protection, and the ICTC delegation today. He expressed his gratitude to Seoul for supporting New Taipei City to join the Crisis Management Network. Also, he hoped that the two cities can exchange experience on disaster prevention, disaster command and strategies, and build up a mutual cooperation mechanism on disaster training. On behalf of New Taipei City, Deputy Mayor, Mr. Hou, accepted the donation of the VR training scene, a mechanism to construct site collapse and houses/apartments fire disaster scene, amounted about NT$170 million. Deputy Mayor Hou said that the disaster prevention must be internationalized for New Taipei City as a member of global citizen. Also, New Taipei City will not cease to promote inter-city exchange on disaster development. To build up New Taipei City as the most secure city in the world, it is a must to cooperate with other cities and accumulate innovative experiences through engaging in the Network for Crisis Management and expand our horizon. In so doing, the goal will be gradually reached and build up a secure homeland for the citizens. The city of Seoul has become one of the most advanced training bases on instructors for disaster command in Asia and the City Seoul was the first who established the “Incident Command Training Center”, ICTC, amounted NT$35,000,000. On October 2016, our Fire Department also sent seven firefighters who are acquired specialty in disaster rescue to receive one week training course in Seoul and we invited the ICTC instructors to go back to New Taipei City to exchange ideas on training mode and rescue command system. Deputy Mayor Hou emphasized the trend on the use of technology-based tools and the importance that the rescue team members must be armed with the related knowledge in order to face the challenges of any given urgent situations. We are lucky to receive the donation of VR training scene from the city of Seoul and they teach us how to use it explicitly. We should cherish and make good use of it. I believe we can promote the ideas to not only disaster management but to individuals on a multi-level basis. Mr. Kwon Sun-Kyung, the representative of Seoul, mentioned that New Taipei City is an important international partner and his visit this time was not only to congratulate New Taipei City as a new member city but to invite New Taipei City to attend the 2017 annual meeting of the Network for Crisis Management hosted by the Seoul City. The VR training scene is the most commonly used ICTC training scene, which can include 14 consoles, allowing 50 students to be trained at the same time. There were 69 firefighters from Seoul Fire Department receiving the training course last year. One of the firefighter said that he applied what he learned from the course successfully into a fire disaster rescue case and reduced the damage to the lowest level. Mr. Kwon Sun-Kyung said that through the sharing of training resources, the two cities can jointly become the most leading role on commanders of disaster training in Asia. The commissioner of Fire Department in New Taipei City, Mr. De-qing Huang said that the fire department has been focused more on international exchange with other cities in recent years. The cooperation with the City Seoul first started on the date of October 24 in 2012. The two cities signed up a memorandum of cooperation to strengthen the disaster management. Later in 2015, the mutual invitation for both to attend the Korea Seoul Fire Safety Festival and the seminar hosted by New Taipei City on International Symposium on Disaster Management linked the two cities. More cooperation between volunteer firefighters’ MOU, disaster prevention exercises, and bilateral visit brought the two cities even closer. In March 2017, we invited the Seoul City to attend our Min-an the Third exercise again. As to other cities interchange, we also cooperate with fire units from Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong annually. Through disaster prevention exercises and experience sharing, we can understand more innovative disaster prevention and ways of rescue mode. Also, the sharing of practical rescue cases can not only expand our level in rescue and competence but reinforce our disaster prevention system.