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Mayor Chu on Public Metro System

Because it is nearly impossible for the government to promise that the cost of housing in downtown Taipei will be affordable for every member of the younger generation, the government needs to ensure the expansion of urban accessibility for all citizens by building efficient and affordable mobility infrastructure. Thereby the young people can find affordable housing in neighboring communities with equal life quality.

20,000 people moved out of downtown Taipei just in last year in search of housing of affordability and better life quality. They relocated in New Taipei and Taoyuan, because of the convenient MRT network.

In New Taipei, we were working hard on building the "3 circles 3 lines" that covers areas in Danhai, Xizhi, Shulin, Linkou, Sanying, and even Taoyuan, Bade, Zhongli, Luzhu and Guishan. The lofty ambition aims to balance and mitigate the urban capacity, and to close the gap between urban and suburban areas. Just because some citizens cannot afford the high price tag of property in downtown Taipei does not mean that they do not deserve the access to the public infrastructure.

We work on connecting citizens and communities not because we want to make money out of it. We want to improve the citizens' life quality, based on which the city develops.

We are grateful for everyone on this pursuit.

[editor's note: this is a translation of Mayor Chu's Facebook post. The original post is here.]