• New Taipei

Transformation through empowering people: A structural approach to pursue green life

People are the essence of the city. Since the city’s challenges are about the people’s behaviors, we believe that the answers lie on people’s behaviors. New Taipei adopts structural approaches to create an empowering environment for behavioral changes, thereby solving the imminent environmental and life quality challenges.

NTPC embraces citizen-driven initiatives through cross-departmental policy innovations that empower people and communities to voluntarily turn green in every aspect of life. Through measures like participatory budgeting, citizens committees, community volunteering, commissioning public spaces/facilities, financial subsidies and assistance schemes, schoolchildren advocacy, and partnering with multi-stakeholders, the structural approach has changed people’s life and City’s landscape.

Citizen-oriented collective actions and concerted efforts of all stakeholders yield very positive impacts in the fields of solid waste reduction, energy management, increased green spaces, CO2 emission, food safety, and so on. Green industry cluster of this future-ready city creates an ecosystem that drives future substantial impacts.