• New Taipei

New Taipei's Transformation in Short

New Taipei City is a newly established municipality circling Taiwan’s capital Taipei City. The development of its predecessor, Taipei County, was largely dependent of and shadowed by the development of the capital. Over decades, the development of Taipei County, a local entity composed of 29 separate and loosely-connected townships, became marginalized and unbalanced in terms of infrastructure, economic development and service provided to citizens. The reform began with the creation of New Taipei City in 2010. The vision of the city reform is to build a “Livable City” that meets and accommodate people’s needs, so that the citizens have best quality of every aspect of life. NTPC Government envisioned to create a friendly environment that encourages all citizens, the city’s most important asset, to be part of their city’s and community's greatest transformation ever. To fulfill this vision, the main common elements of the numerous city reform programs include (1)innovative policies, (2) effective governance, and (3) public participation. Innovative policies Innovation is vital in dealing with urgent and persistent urban challenges. NTPC is a leading model for Taiwan’'s cities/counties when its innovative policies are worldwide recognized, particularly those in areas of social welfare, regeneration of urban public spaces, food safety, sustainability, trade and investment and etc. Effective governance Innovation requires effective execution. Strong leadership with political will transforms the bureaucracy tangled with laws and regulations into a team of efficiency, flexibility and adaptability. The City’s service delivery is also greatly benefited from information and communication technology, the largest industry in NTPC. Public participation Citizens’ needs being at the center of all policy, public participation can benefit the reforms in two aspects. First, the public feedback allows City Government to review and adapt its policies. Second, public-private partnership consolidates and integrates all available resources to maximize benefits, such as Open Data initiative.