• New Taipei

New Taipei: a City that Never Gives Up Its Children

New Taipei is a city of opportunities. Young men and women come for better lives. Over 70% of its 4 million residents are migrants. The City sees urgency for a social support system that complements that of a family, by preemptively identifying and outreaching high-risk families, so as to safeguard the welfare of the children, our most valuable assets for the future.

The “Integrated Safety-Net Program for High-Risk Families” builds a safe environment for children by implementing projects of public-public partnership integration for early detection and outreach, public-private partnership that consolidates networks of 2,000+ convenience stores and charity donation, as well as public-community partnership, mobilizing community officers and volunteers to detect and offer on-site assistance.

The program has been active for 1,298,000 child-cases since 2011, successfully preventing over 80% of cases from being reported again, or from more severe abuse and higher risks

Children are safe in New Taipei.