• New Taipei

Merry Christmas: Year End Diplomatic Gala

New Taipei City hosted with Singapore Trade Office in Taipei (Singaporean Embassy) the 2017 Year-end Party on December 9. The diplomatic reception was one of the rare events for members of diplomatic corps in Taiwan to leave the familiar scene in Taiwan's capital and to gather in the country's largest metropolis. More than 200 guests attended the annual gala event. Among them are over 15 ambassadors or heads of the missions, diplomats from 25 countries, as well as leading figures of New Taipei's industry, academia, NGOs and foreign media. Madam Lee, on behalf of Foreign Minister David Lee, also attended the reception.
In his remarks, Mayor Eric Chu stressed the importance of City's international outreach to tackle the issues of global relevance, citing the research forecast that over 70% of world's population will be living in cities by 2050. New Taipei City, by advocating its innovative policies and solutions, has gradually gained international attention in many fields related to UN's Sustainable Development Goals. His administration has been working hard on local economic development, social well-being, climate actions, citizen empowerment and other transformational business.
Aside from local delicacies from New Taipei and Singapore, the reception showcased many #1's of the New Taipei City. Young but internationally recognized mixologists presented signature cocktails blended with New Taipei's best tea. Students from culinary vocational schools presented carefully-baked Christmas cakes as event takeaway. The joyful performance from New Taipei Junior Choir, 2016 silver medal in World Choir Competition, conveyed the warmth of holiday seasons. The reception's highlight was the light show performance brought by light sculpture artists from Taiwan and Singapore. The 33-story building of New Taipei City Hall was transformed to a gigantic canvas, wowing and leaving all friends, new and old, remarkably impressed.