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Resource Integration of Mass Casualty Incidents

The Management of Burn Victims of Large Scale Disasters Project integrate private and public resource to engage in long-term follow up care system

The escalation of terrorist attacks around the world causes the rise of traumatic injuries. The fact that the management of burn victims results from mass casualty incidents (MCIs) is crucial.

The case of colored powder fire disaster, June 2015, in New Taipei City caused 499 injured and it was viewed as a successful case for MCIs. The project focused on resource integration not only in municipal and central government but private and public cooperation to shoulder a long-term follow-up care system.

During a period of fifteen days, Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Mayor’s Office set up a special 627 burn information center for those who injured in the Formosa Fun Coast water park blasts. It provided follow-up care and legal and financial assistance. This project also launched a one-by-one based long-term care system to offer victims’ future study and skill retraining for future career needs.

In addition, the cooperation with Sunshine organization, offering volunteer service for burn victims, formed a private-public partnership to the long-term care system, providing assistance for psychological support and regular-based visit to ensure burn victims’ return back to society.

The project demonstrates the integration effect of private and public cooperation to maintain the long-term care system, and provides a new model for long-term care system.