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New Taipei’s Citizen-oriented Transformation Honored in London

New Taipei City is the winner of a global award that recognizes sustainable urban development and city-wide transformation. The Special Award for Excellence in City-Led Transformation was handed out to New Taipei City in London in June this year, as part of Transformational Business Awards, sponsored by London-based global newspaper Financial Times and International Finance Corporation, a member of the UN’s World Bank.

New Taipei City, Taiwan’s most populous city, came out as the winner from a short list of seven cities for its ambitious vision as well as effective implementation to “build a Livable City that identifies and accommodates the needs of its people,” according to the event organizers.

The city’s Happiness Protection Station initiative that allows children and the disadvantaged to receive free meal boxes in convenience stores was highlighted by the organizers, since the city government can subsequently learn about the families in need and reach out to them.

“New Taipei City was recognized for this award because it comprehensively adopts the public-private partnership models in various governance areas,” said the Cities Alliance Director William Cobbett. The trust between the public and City Mayor Eric Chu and his Administration fosters strong partnerships for success.

The judging panel cited that “New Taipei City is an exemplary city-wide transformational program that offers a sustainable solution to the worldwide challenge of equitable urban development.” The “citizen-oriented” approach that encourages public participation in effective governance enables citizens’ input in policy planning, the organizers pointed out.

Mayor Chu said in his statement that the award is an honor for the people of New Taipei. “The City’s approach is largely citizen empowerment; hence without the contribution from the public, the transformation of the City would not be possible,” said Mayor Eric Chu.