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Our goal is to meet the expectations of the citizens: Mayor Chu's inaugural speech 2014

Greetings and good morning to Minister Chen of the Ministry of the Interior, who will administer the oath today, distinguished guests, friends and my fellow colleagues.

Today is my 1462nd day as the Mayor of New Taipei City and the start of a new term after the 1461 days of the past four years. I am especially grateful to the citizens of New Taipei City for giving me this opportunity so that we can continue to stand together and humbly work together on the tasks before us. In these past four years, with great efforts by our municipal administration team, which includes the city government, city council, municipal advisers and village chiefs, with support from the central government and valuable advices contributed by people citywide, we showed the citizens a changed New Taipei City. Our hard work on public affairs has elevated the pride in the hearts of residents of this city.

New Taipei City is the most populous and largest city in Taiwan, and it is also a relatively new city. We have been working hard to meet the citizens’ expectations, but there are more things we could do, more things we should do, and more things we need to do better to meet the needs of our citizens.

I am grateful that Minister Chen and the public have shown their support and encouragement for our projects, including the “Three Loops and Three Lines” MRT projects and policies related to transportation, water resources infrastructure, and education. I’m also thankful for the positive feedback on our children care projects (such as “Public Child Care Centers” and “Emergency Food Supplies for Youth in Convenient Stores”), our senior care projects (such as “Public Senior Care Centers” and “Sharing a Meal with Seniors”), and our offering of organic and healthy school lunches, which is bringing about an agricultural revolution in Taiwan. These projects connected with people. Nevertheless, there are still many tasks ahead of us. We need to do more and do better. Citizens are looking to us to lead the development of Taiwan’s economy forward: to attract more corporate investments, to create more and better employment opportunities, and to bring hope to the younger generation. Only by giving hope to the younger generation can we have hope as a nation.

My dear friends, New Taipei City is a reflection of Taiwan at large. In the next four years, totaling 1461 days, we need to keep working hard and keep pressing on as a team. I often say that every person of New Taipei City has an important role to play. Our team members, including city council members, city government staffs and village chiefs, need to all work together for the citizens of this city regardless of which party or group he or she might be from. Our goal is to meet the expectations of the citizens, and to get done the things that they wish for us to do. We have to exert execution but also be good at coordination. We need to demonstrate ambition but also show empathy. With these virtues - execution, coordination, ambition, and empathy, our determination to serve will reach the citizens.

We know that the people have great expectations for our “Three Rings and Three Lines” projects. We also know that, in the next ten years, the construction of the rapid transit infrastructure will gradually shift from Taipei City to New Taipei City.

As such, we wish for the support of the city council to expeditiously promote the Department of Rapid Transit System to a first-tier government agency. With regard to land justice, specifically concerning residence justice, we have seen that rapidly rising housing cost in the past few years has placed a tremendous burden on the young people. We need to take initiative and tackle this problem. Providing quality and convenient affordable homes will be one of our important goals. We will aim to build a public-private partnership by taking public authority, public lands and private investment into consideration as a whole to promote affordable housing. To achieve this, we will need a more flexible administrative institution that can effectively bring together public and private sectors, and we hope to gain the support of the city council and the public on this matter. We will use the function of this administrative institution to fully promote our community residences.

At the same time, policies that have been recognized by residents of the city, such as “Public Child Care Centers” and “Public Senior Care Centers”, will be further extended to every community of New Taipei City. We will ensure that public child care centers and public senior care centers are included as public facilities provided by the developers in programs related to urban land consolidation, zone expropriation, and urban renewal. With this, we hope to set a good example of how to take care of the elderly (with daytime care or community care) and the children (with community outreach or community daycare) in Taiwan.

My dear friends, there are many things ahead of us. I will stand together with all of you in the next four years; we will do good and do it well. In this four-year term, I hope our citizens will continue to support us, encourage us, supervise us, spur on us, and give us good advices on public affairs. The city council remains our most important source of supervision. There may be different opinions from different parties or groups, but we all share one goal, and that is - only by making New Taipei City a great city can all of us share in that greatness. Taiwan needs to rise above the harsh party conflicts of the past (that past animosity between the blue and the green). We start with New Taipei City. No matter which party we are from, no matter what color we are labeled, we have only one goal: to strive for the common good of the citizens of New Taipei City.

Finally, I sincerely thank all of the good friends for attending this ceremony today- on our 1462nd day in New Taipei City government. I stress that although today is the start of my new term, but to all of us of the municipal team, we will continue to enthusiastically serve all citizens as we have done for the past four years. I wish everyone here all the best, and thank you again Minister Chen, the administrator of the oath. May all of us have good health and good fortune.

Thank you.