New Taipei City

-Hub of Asia Pacific

Creating Advantages in Competitive Times

Taiwan, a country driven by international trade for its economic expansion, has in recent years developed ever closer economic and trade relations with China, as well as with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). Even emerging markets such as India and other nations are considering signing bilateral trade agreements with Taiwan. No doubt, these increasing opportunities for cooperation, together with the liberalization of trading policies throughout Asia, provide a bright future for the country.

But in the face of globalization, how does Taiwan keep its industry value chain tightly connected and friction-free? How should businesses effectively master the use of marketing channels? How does one create differentiating market-leading advantages at this crucial moment? The answer to all these questions is New Taipei City.

New Taipei City offers the advantages of being an international city with a high-quality work force. It boasts complete and diverse industry chains, and an integrated multimodal transport network that incorporates air, land, and sea transportation. Most importantly, previously a county, New Taipei City was officially promoted to city status in 2010, thus having the authority and access to more resources in helping businesses compete on the global stage.

New Taipei City, located between two freeways and Expressway No. 64 will build upon its already well-established local industries to create a "Golden Corridor". The City will integrate Taipei Port""s free trade zone, reorganize existing industrial districts and establish new specialized districts, encouraging diversification, specialization, and research and development, forming a model business cluster.

The fully functional transportation network will be supplemented with the addition of MRT "3 Rings & 3 Lines" extensions already under construction. When fully integrated, the three loop routes will create an extensive, easily accessible commuting system, reducing travel time to less than one hour from anywhere within the greater metropolis. The area will offer a range of services including finance, technology, travel and entertainment. New Taipei City will become a smart city, most suitable for both residents and businesses.

In the future, New Taipei City will rely on regional cooperation to integrate the competitive advantages of the other eight counties and cities in northern Taiwan. Through policies strategically stimulating land revitalization, New Taipei City will become Taiwan""s "new capital", converting what was once considered Greater Taipei""s frontier, to one of the "five shining stars" in the country, thereby attracting more businesses to create headquarters in the region. This will turn New Taipei City into a new, operations and R&D center for Asia""s high-tech and cultural and creative industries. New Taipei City is confident and passionate in working with businesses to overcome any difficulties they may encounter in pursuit of their goals, and look forward to sharing with them their fruits of success.

Dr. Eric Liluan Chu


Mayor of New Taipei City