Welcome to New Taipei City! 

Before registering your company in New Taipei City, here are a few things you should know.
First, you need to identify the type of company you would like to register. The most common types of companies in Taiwan are limited companies and companies limited by shares. The general process for both types of companies is the same, except a company limited by shares will require a few more documents about the Board of Directors and the current supervisors.
Now, we would like to take you through our simple process for registering your company in New Taipei City:





The first thing you need to do is prepare and file an application to the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) to record the company's Chinese name and describe its business scope.


Companies are allowed to use their English name to conduct business, but they must have a Chinese name on file in the government.

The application can be submitted by mail or in person to the Central Region Office of MOEA, No.4, Shengfu Rd., Nantou City, Nantou County.


Next, you need to apply for foreign investment approval and capital verification.


Once the MOEA Investment Commission approves your foreign investment, the investment capital must be remitted from a foreign bank into Taiwan. The minimum paid-up capital is NT$1.

A local bank in Taiwan will issue a bank statement that must be submitted to the MOEA Investment Commission for capital verification and approval.

Apply for







Then, you should apply to the competent authority for a special business operating license. The competent authority will depend on your business scope.


Please check the website to identify the competent authorities for special business operating licenses. 


Next, authorize a local CPA to verify the company’s paid-up capital. The CPA will issue you a report.





Finally, submit all of the required documents needed for the company registration to the Economic Development Department of New Taipei City Government.


The required documents can be found online on the Economic Development Department of New Taipei City Government website.




If there is a problem, please feel free to call or email the Company Registration Division and we can email you the necessary document list.

The required documents can be submitted to the Company Registration Division by mail or in person. No appointment is necessary.


Please allow 3 business days for processing of applications submitted by mail. Applications submitted in person can be processed the same day. Please remember to bring the company seal, director’s seal, and the ID of the person making the application.

(02)29603456 ext.5362



A final, friendly reminder to remember to take your approval letter to the local taxation office upon receipt. We greatly appreciate your interest in doing business in New Taipei City, and we look forward to serving you soon.