New Taipei City

a metropolis redefined


45 million

is the number of tourists visited New Taipei City annually.

6.4 million people visited Pingxi village of 7,000 residents, to light up their lanterns full of lofty dreams.


This modern new library is 24/7

with over 3 million books in 100+ branches.

A handy app allows citizens to collect their reading in 2,000+ convenience stores. We love real books.


In New Taipei, bikers enjoy great air and view along the riverbank. Nearly 200 kilometers of well maintained bike lane were created on 1,380 ha river front park. It is almost impossible to imagine that just 20 years ago, river banks were used as waste disposal zones.

472 Bus Routes

bring the residents for school, work and leisure whenever it is sunny, windy or rainy. People can look up where the bus is and  book a pick-up or drop-off via an app.