This summer, New Taipei City Government has invited guests from the diplomatic circuit to explore
the cultural and historic scenery of Sanxia and Yingge and to experience indigo dyeing and “Bull
Horn Croissants” all on their own.

Last year, the city government has held its first ever outing for foreign diplomats and their families to
enjoy the unique beauty of New Taipei landscapes, which more than 30 participants has joined the
trip. This year the number of attendees has doubled, with 73 individuals from 12 different nations--
including Finland, Germany, Israel and United States. The half-day tour not only helped these
diplomats understand more about New Taipei, but strengthened their families’ bonds.

The first stop for the visiting group is Sanying Art Village. A studio in this area called “Indigo Dyeing
Workshop” invites visitors to learn this traditional artwork in Sanxia. Through the indigo dyeing
process, these guests soaked their hands into the indigo water, creating various patterns of blue dye
product. After finishing the indigo-dyeing cloth, the families walked around the art village and visited
the ceramic exhibitions and other themed studios.

The staffs in diplomatic communities in Taiwan also made their own “bull-horn bun,” a popular
croissant-like dessert in Sanxia. “This is an abundant trip even though it only lasts for an afternoon,”
the representative of German Institute Taipei Martin Eberts said, “I have experience the cultural and
social aspect of New Taipei City.”

The government has also cooperated with students in Sanxia junior high school. Four high school
students served as docents to explain the history and art of the Qingshui Zushi Temple, the legacy left
by the well-known artist Li Meishu, to the diplomats all in English. Famous for its intricate wooden
carvings and the integration of Chinese history and western styles of art, the temple has attracted these
foreigners’ attention and became more magnificent after listening to the guidance of these high school

The Sanxia Folk Arts trip has brought the staffs in the diplomatic circuit an unforgettable family
journey and left a great impression on New Taipei city. The government also looks forward to take
more foreign officials to explore the beauty of New Taipei.