Landkreis Starnberg,

Bavaria, Germany

Landkreis Starnberg,

Bavaria, Germany

1. Partnership

 Starnberg has a partnership with the Taipei County (Now New Taipei        City), which developed after a delegation of parachutists from Taiwan    stayed in Starnberg for the 1980 parachuting world championship in      Altenstadt/Schongau.
 Date of Affiliation: : September 27, 1985
 Officials of the two cities : Lin Fu-Cheng and Rudolf Widmann

2. Geography and Demographics

 Federal state: Bavaria, Germany
Administrative region: Oberbayem
Capital of the district: Starnberg
Area: 488.01 km2
Population: 23,354 (42011)


3. Introduction to Starnberg

In 2008, Starnberg was awarded the title of Germany’s number one county by the prominent finance magazine “Focus Money”, which used the key indicators of local value added, purchasing power, population growth, rate of employment, innovation and solvency.
In addition to its prosperous tourist and food industries, Starnberg is also home to more than eight research and development agencies under the German Aerospace Center. (Deutsche Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt or DLR ) It is   the world leader in aero-transportation, satellite navigation system as well as aerospace technology.

 4. Recent Interactions 

(1)Between April 6th and 9th, 2010, a 17-person delegation, including the headmaster of  Kempfenhausen high school, led by the county chief Mr. Karl Roth and his wife visited the then Taipei County. The two parties reaffirmed mutual friendship and signed an MOA. The county chief of the time was Mr. Chou Hsi-wei.
(2)On June 22nd 2010, a delegation led by Qing Min-Liang, the commissioner of Cultural Bureau visited the Starnberg county government. This was part of an official visit to discuss affairs concerning an exhibition and performing acts scheduled in December.
(3) On August 6th, 2010, the then Taipei County’s Hai-shan senior high school participated the international Youth Camp held in Starnberg, Germany.
(4) Between December 5th and 8th 2020, Deputy county chief Mr. Cai Jia-Fu led the renown performing troupe “Moving Sound” and paid an official visit at the county hall. Moving sound staged a performance during the visit.
(5) Starnberg born photographer Mr.Gregor Schmid held a photography exhibition at NTC Arts Center between July 21st and August 24th, 2011.
(6) On Octorber 26th, 2011, Secretary General Mr. Chen Shen-Xian led a delegation on an official visit to Starnberg. The delegation was briefed and visited the water purification plant, hosted by the deputy County Chief Mr. Albert Luppart.
(7) Between November 1st and 11th, 2011, a total of 29 teachers and students of Kempfenhausen high school paid a visit to the San-Min high school, marking the 12th official visit between the two schools.
(8) Between November 9th and 28th, 2012, a total of 28 teachers and students of San-Min high school paid a visit to Kempfenhausen high school, marking the 13th official visit of the two schools.
(9) On July 11th 2012, the representatives of San-Min high school signed an MOA with Kempfenhausen high school at the Starnberg County Hall. The partnership bagan in 1997 which has seen the two schools mutually sending delegates to participate in classes and events of the other school.
(10) Between August 8th and 12th 2012, a delegation comprised of 2 teachers and 20 students from the Hai-shen high school participated in the 2012 International Youth Camp held in Starnberg County, Germany.
(11) Between Oct 27th to November 7th 2013, a delegation led by Mr. Liebl, headmaster of Kempfenhausen high school, joined by 2 teachers and 22 students paid The San-Min High School a visit. The visit aimed to enhance educational and cultural exchanges and it also marked the 14th official visit between the two schools. 

(12) Between July 7th and 31st 2014, a delegation comprised of 19 teachers and students from the San-
Min High School visited Kempfenhausen high school, marking the 15th official visit between the two schools.
(13) Between July 31st and August 14th 2014, a delegation comprised of 1 teacher and 9 students from the San-Min High school participated in the 2014 International Youth Camp held in Starnberg County, Germany.
(14) In 2014, at the invitation of the New Taipei City, a delegation comprised of 1 councilor and 9 students participated in the 2014 Girl and Boy Scouts Camp held by the New Taipei City.
(15) On May 11 2015, a 12 member delegation led by the director of Starnberg County Trade Associations paid a visit to the City Hall.

New Taipei City Government

161 Zhongshan Rd Sec 1, Banqiao Dist. New Taipei City, Taiwan (ROC)