City of Cincinnati, Ohio, US


Date of partnership agreement signed : January 23rd , 1985

Officials of the two cities:  Mr. Ling Fu-Cheng of Taipei County and Mr. Paul White 


2.Geography and Demographics

   It is a county located in the U.S state of Ohio

   Its county seat is Mansfield

  As of the census of 2010, the population was 124,475 people

  The population density was 96.11people per square kilometer

3. Introduction to Mansfield

    Mansfield is the most populated city in the county.  It was located on a fork of        the Mohican River in a hilly region surrounded by fertile farmlands, and became      a manufacturing center owing to its location with numerous railroad lines. After       the decline of heavy manufacturing, the city's industry has since diversified into a     service economy, including retailing, education, and healthcare sectors.

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City of Cincinnati,

Ohio, US